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"A few years ago, by chance I met Jeff Speakman and Rodrigo Fernandez Inza on the set of a national TV Show.  And I am grateful for that coincidence because today kenpo 5.0 has become the self-defense martial discipline through which we help people (victims of all forms of violence) to recover their confidence to return to face the world again . .. you can’t  imagine how important is this, especially for women!
In a class I was very impressed, that without much effort, I could knock down someone as big as Rodrigo Fernandez Inza (note that he made no effort to resist). In only one one class I learned how to neutralize the drunkardss, and thugs those who stick to you as chewing gum at some event or public place and if you do not show interest .. they became disrespectful or aggressive .. has not happened ever before? I am sure that more than once. Well, not to want to make a poor image of men, I know that today there are "several" women behaving similar to the drunkards  ... you men are screwed and have to endure them! Hahaha.
But hey, lets back to the subject of KENPO 5.0. . a few months ago … as time goes - I went to see Rodrigo in his training center and took the opportunity to catch up with Paola, his wife, while she was attending students and the parents of these Training Center ... I was shocked with the  Education and manners of the children and adolescents! "All" entered the office, greeted to every one and each adult present, "good morning", and if you shook his hands you’ll get a kiss on the cheek. The way the kids talk and conduct toward Paola or any of the people working in this training center .. made me think I was in a different country, a country with people where education and respect are the daily bread. Well 'I'm biting my fingers to make no reference to the bolivian  reality - also learned that day that the KENPO 5.0 is also a martial art for forging or molding the character of those who practice it.
And, why I tell you this? because good things have to be said !!! you have to publish it so that others can also hear and benefit from them !!
I know that its creator, Jeff Speakman, is coming these days to Bolivia ... hopefully you can go or take your daughters or sons to know this art.
In the first comment I will bring them the address and info .. ahhh .. and this little video is for "women" ... yeah, that's him in his younger 
years and he has not lost its "charm" emoticon smile"
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posted by Maria Cristina Viscarra Gil


 Mr. Jeff Speakman was approached by a major talent agency in Los Angeles with the concept of developing a reality show based upon his martial arts and his teachings of Kenpo 5.0. Lacking a clear direction from the talent agency, it has not come to fruition yet.

We put together this sizzle reel with Mr. Speakman as a template for how we see the development and legacy that his training has instilled in all of his students globally.

This show needs to become a reality! What do you think?

Produced by Dana Mennie, Julie Snider, and Darius Siwek. Copyright 2015 Moon Street Films.

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